Thursday, April 10, 2008

Cloth diaper redux

Flat fold diapers are the most simple diapers around. They are just a one-ply square that can be folded several different ways. They have to be Snappied or pinned in place. A receiving blanket can even be used in a pinch, though I prefer birdseye flats. This is a tutorial for my favorite fold, the origami fold.

1. Start with your square diaper

2. Fold it in half horizontally so the fold is towards you.

3. Grab the bottom left corner and fold it up towards the top right corner, forming a triangle.

4. Take the top right corner of the triangle (the one you just formed) and move it across over the top left corner.

5. Grab the center of the top of the triangle with your left hand and the top right corner with your right hand. Fold towards the left side so it appears square.

6. Take the left side and begin to fold it inward until it is in thirds in the center.

7. Now you're ready for the baby! Place the baby in the center of the diaper and fold the middle section up.

8. Fold the outside wing tips over a bit and then fold them over the baby's tummy.

9. Secure with a Snappi or pins.

10. Tuck the hip sections under the bum a bit to create poo-catching gussets.

11. Put on a cover and you're done!

Now kiss that happy baby!