Tuesday, August 19, 2008

"It sounded like a good idea at the time..."

is what my son's shirt said today.

I should have known better.

My sweet two year old cracked 4 eggs into the bottom of the art easel and was drawing on the chalkboard with runny egg goo.

And while I was cleaning it up he decided to paint the baby with BBQ sauce.

I need to buy him a shirt that says, "I love to obey my mommy and play quietly without making a mess." Do you think they sell that one?


Manda said...

Have I ever mentioned before that your life would make a great sitcom? Seriously. You and your kids crack me up.

Jean said...

I am thinking the t-shirt on obedience would be a big seller amongst parents....but may not have the desired effect on kid's behavior. I sure wish it was that easy. Wow, the shirts I would have bought if it was that easy. LOL

cc said...

I saw that shirt(and bought it)the day after my son (age 4) thought that standing on the table, pretending to be the Statue of Liberty, was a good idea. The shirt was a perfect choice to wear when trying to "explain" the cast on his arm. Hang in there! Life with children is always an adventure!

Rita Bosico said...

No, but if you're creative enough to blog, you can sure 'nough have this shirt made. I"M ALL FOR IT! I bet other parents would order enough to put you two on the Riviera for life.