Tuesday, September 22, 2009

All American Root Beer Cookies

So, our last two weeks were spent in the good ol' USA. Most of the suggested foods were either things we eat on a regular basis or Native American dishes we ate last year when we studied them. So, since Mommy was also courting full on PMS, we made cookies. Root Beer cookies. Mmm. They were VERY rich.

The kids liked them okay, but I realized I would eat them all. So I gave them to our sweet Korean neighbors.

We made them again with peppermint extract instead of root beer extract. And we added Andes mint chips. And didn't frost them. And they rocked. I think this will be our new chocolate chip cookie recipe. The only problem is that they cook VERY fast. So you really have to watch them.

Yesterday we left the States (virtually) for Mexico. I promised the kids we would make tamales and a pinata. Intercession is welcome.


Jean said...

I don't think I have ever heard of root beer cookies....hmmm sound interesting. I may have to try your recipe or at least your altered recipe.