Thursday, March 31, 2011

How to make a faux Grecian pot.

We're wrapping up our study of the Greeks and preparing to move on to Rome. 
For our final Greek art project we made faux Grecian pottery.

Supplies needed:
Terra cotta pot
Black acrylic pain
Peach crayon
Paint brush
Paper towels
Clear coat spray-on sealant

Draw your design on the pot using the peach crayon.  Press hard so lots of wax transfers to the pot.

When you are finished with your design, paint over the entire pot using black acrylic paint. 

Then buff the pot with a paper towel while it is still wet, revealing your design.

Now all your designs should be showing.

Spray with Krylon Acrylic Crystal Clear Spray Coating and allow to dry.

All done!  Ours now adorn our kitchen table.
We planted rosemary and basil in them.