Monday, May 09, 2011

Inspired to Action: Maximize Your Mornings.

So, I'm realizing that I fritter away half the day by being unprepared.  I don't have all my lessons planned.  I don't have the kids' chores planned.  I haven't had my quiet time.  I haven't exercised.  I haven't prayed.  And I spend half the day playing catch up and becoming emotionally and mentally exhausted because I'm trying to figure out what I need to do while I'm trying to do it.

So I'm committing to change.  I'm committing to get up early.  6:30.  And spend 1 hr praying, running and planning before the kids wake up.  I'm participating in the Maximize Your Mornings challenge .   I hope you will consider doing it too.


Erin said...

Yay Tamara! I'm unofficially doing it, too! I signed up last year, then got PG, had the baby, etc. You know how it goes ;-) But starting last week I've committed myself to getting up at 6:15, and am going to start getting in regular devotion and exercise time... first I'm just starting with getting myself up out of bed, lol!

Thanks for the encouragement!

Amber Rain said...

I've been "maximizing" my mornings faithfully now for 2 months and I'm a forever convert. I've never done the challenge you're doing. I got my advice and how-tos over at Zen Habits but I will never go back. Bob has to leave for work at 4 so I get up around that time (or 4:30 at the latest) and start with a cup of coffee. I read my bible (or a devo) and pray. Then I edit if that's on my to-do list and on the mornings I don't have editing, I write. I do 20 minutes of yoga, I make my bed, I get ready, all by 6:30ish, when all the kids start invading my room. To have a great morning routine I had to give up a few things. I don't watch much TV now during the week, maybe a show here or there with Bob after dinner and before I go out for a quick run. I shower at night rather than taking the time to do that in the morning. I go to bed shortly after everyone else. But I love starting the day with daycare knowing I've done much of my to-dos already. I will be praying that your morning routine becomes a solid habit. :)