Sunday, November 28, 2010

The baby is glaring at me...

from her swing.  She wants me to pick her up and stare in her sweet little face and listen to her coos. 

But I have to plan our lessons for this week, so her siblings don't grow up to be ignorant morons.  Sigh... freaking priorities.

We had a good trip and I had a lot of time in the car (only 29 hrs, actually) to think.  I have some ideas rumbling around to share with all y'all. 

But right now I must plan for the week and hit the hay.  Hopefully in that order.


Jean said...

Yes, Leah is an adorable little one and I can see where it would be very tempting to play instead of plan. Glad you arrived home safely from the whirlwind. Thank you so much for the extra effort to come see us. Traveling with kids is quite an adventure.

Have a great week schooling the kiddos.