Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Devil's Food

We enjoyed Nate and Abby's birthday party today at scenic Hawaiian Falls Waterpark in Mansfield. Lots of fun (except for the inevitable sunburn). My rocking g-ma Nancy shared a fabulous trick for cookie cake with me. You mix up a cake mix with 3 eggs, half a cup of oil and a bunch of chocolate chips. Pat into a cookie pan and bake for 15ish minutes at 350. Voila! A cookie cake to rival Mrs. Fields. And cheap to boot!

So to make our cakes we picked up some cake mixes at Walmart on Sunday after church. And as we stood in the aisle Nate and I argued over cake mixes. He was insisting on a certain brand because it "looked chocolater" on the box. (I wanted the cheaper one). Finally he read out that it was "Devil's Food" flavor, so it must be good.

Back up the train. When did something super rich and wonderful come to be associated with the devil? Why do we call luscious foods sinful? Is it because they make our tushes big, or have we swallowed the enemy's lie, yet again? Do we believe that God alone has everlasting pleasures for us, or do we secretly believe that the devil really has the goods?

Oh that we would have the faith to believe that the things God says about His place and His pleasures are true. If we could just grasp for one second the magnitude of Heaven I think it would forever change the way we operate here on Earth.

And his Jesus' food cake was pretty darn tasty.


Lorie said...

I must say this is a wonderful post! Thank you!

MamaKimberly said...

Nancy also has another good trick for cake mixes- put any fruit in a pan (peaches/apples/whatever) and top with a dry cake mix (white). Pour one stick melted butter on top (or is it two?) and then bake. it is freaky good.

Happy birthday to Nate!! His card is coming, I'm sure it will be late, but we sent it ages ago!!

Emily said...

hmmm... I guess he has never had "Angel Food" cake with ice cream and berries then... :)