Thursday, February 26, 2009

Well..... that changes things

So, after taking the kids to the DMV and then Target today, I was rethinking my decision to have so many kids (not really). I felt like Charlie Brown's Pigpen, except instead of dirt, there was a whirlwind of children swirling about me. I mean, why do they ALL need to take off their shoes and socks when only ONE of them is getting new shoes?

Anyway, we are driving home and Nate says, "Mama, you're the best. "Cause you love us and are nice to us and teach us about God."

I guess I won't be selling them on Craigslist.


Manda said...

Well, at least keep Nate, anyway. ;)

Seriously, isn't it wonderful how God blesses us with those little moments to keep us going?

Terra said...

I totally understand those fleeting thoughts that come and I only have 2 so far! God gives us the grace to handle what He gives us. We just have to rely on that grace instead of ourselves! :)

Megan said...

Your post had me laughing... not too loudly, though, since everyone is in bed. :)

Isn't it great how our children encourage us at just the right moments? It always seems to happen when I feel like a rotten mommy. Got uses our children to remind us just how much He loves us.

Val said...

these are the days of all the blessings! cherish them! We only had 3 and they are all teens now! i wish they would all swarm around me at target and play games with me and bug me!