Monday, March 10, 2008

Things Tricia will get to experience:

We were challenged by ApplePieMom to write a list of things Tricia will get to experience with Gwenyth:

Holding your child up in the air and having him vomit into your mouth.

Wiping what you thought was chocolate pudding off your daughter's shoulder and licking it off your finger. Only to find that is was NOT pudding - it was the contents of her training pants.

Having your child's speech impediment cause him to say the "F" word at church when all he really wants is someone to share the Tonka trucks.

Having secret words and gestures that mean "I love you" in your family.

Waking up to find someone has joined you in the night and is happily drooling on your pillow.
And then finding out that the same person has peed in your bed.

Having your three year old dump her training potty into the big potty and seeing it splash on her face (!). While you get a washcloth to wipe her down, she says "Oh, good, it just got on my face. Not my jammies!" and proceeds to wipe her face on the carpet.

Telling your child to brush his teeth good and hearing him say, "Well, mom, if my teeth rot out I can just get gold ones. They are SUPER FANCY!"

Letting your child feed himself yogurt (see above).

Hearing your little one say, "You are the best mama in the world."

The leap in your heart when your speech delayed 2 yr old finally says "Mama" after previously being content to only make car noises.

The surge of pride/love in your heart when your little one prays.

Seeing your husband reach out with cupped hands to catch it when your child throws up.

Seeing your child try to tackle a goose at the park.

Having your daughter give a play by play description of your intestinal troubles to all the folks in the public bathroom while you have diarrhea ("Wow, Mommy, your poopy is really stinky!")

Hearing your son say, "Abby, I want to smack you, but Mommy says when we are kind it helps the good angels beat up on the bad ones. You know, 'cause love is how we fight the devil's minions."

Watching your baby discover his hands.

When your two year old plays Hide and Seek and "hides" right in the middle of the floor, thinking that they are hidden because their eyes are closed. 'Cause if they can't see you, you can't see them, right?

Sooooo many little tiny things that you only notice when you make yourself slow down and drink it all in.

Great baby

So, I have to brag on Gabe.

He is the happiest baby ever. Seriously. He always smiles. And recently, he started with the goober face. How can you not want to smooch that face?

Lost in translation

I often think I'm communicating deep and abiding truths to my offspring.

Only to find out later that I am sooooo wrong.

Nate and Anna are trying to understand the Trinity. We took apart and apple and talked about how is has different parts, but is still all apple. We looked at water as liquid, ice and steam. I really thought they were getting it.

And then I hear this:

"Abby. If you ask Jesus to live in your heart you will get a deal! 'Cause God lives in Jesus' heart and Jesus lives in your heart. Just like the Higglytown Heroes!" ("Higglytown Heroes" is a dumb TV show about a set of those Russian nesting dolls. I'm pretty sure Jesus and God are not nesting dolls.)