Thursday, July 26, 2007

Great little article

I was reading recently about religious views on breastfeeding and came across an fantastic Catholic article:

Funny how "modern" societies reject the natural in favor of man's way. Brings to mind the Biblical warnings against being "wise in your own eyes."

Wednesday, July 18, 2007

A Beautiful Heart

Sometimes my kids just amaze me. Nathaniel is growing to be such a wise little boy. Recently we had this conversation:

Nate: "Mommy, what does n*&&#$ mean?"
Me: "Nate, where did you hear that word?"
Nate: "On TV. What does that mean?"
Me: "Well, that is a word that some people use. We do NOT use that word in our house. Some people are not very smart and they think that they are better than other people just because of the color God made their skin. That is a very ugly word they use to talk about people who are different from them. It hurts people's feelings to hear that word."
Nate: "Mommy, that is really stupid. Don't those people know that God looks at our hearts and what we do to see if we are good? I think the world would be a better place if we could all look at each other with God's eyeballs."

Wouldn't the world be better if we could all see each other with His eyes?

Voice over

Last month, our little pfamily went on a trip to see relatives. Being cheap, I mean, frugal, we have not purchased a DVD player for the minivan. But since we were going on a long trip we toted along our TV/DVD combo that we use for our homeschooling math and science lessons. The children could watch a few movies each direction and dh and I were spared listening to The Laurie Berkner Band CD on repeat.

We had purchased a few new movies for the trip and the kids had a blast watching Robots and Curious George. As we were talking in the front seat, dh and I tried to identify the actors and actresses who did the voice overs for the cartoon characters. (Phil is much better at this than I am). When he mentioned one of the actor's names, I struggled a bit. I had heard of this actor before, but couldn't really remember what his voice sounded like, because I'd only seen him in one movie and it was quite some time ago.

This struck me as a spiritual principle. I could not tell that the voice of this robot belonged to that actor because I was not very familiar with the sound of that actor's voice. I had heard it once, but not recently.

We are the same way with the LORD. Often Christians complain that we can't hear God speaking to us. Maybe the problem is that while God is speaking, we have forgotten what His voice sounds like. We have not spent enough time in prayer and in His Word to know what His voice is like. We can't tell the voice of the Holy Spirit from the voice of our culture because we have not cultivated our recognition.

Makes me want to turn off the TV and tune in to the Word of God. I can live without knowing that Mel Brooks is the voice of Bigweld, but I cannot live well without knowing the voice of my Creator.