Monday, February 14, 2011

Social network

Philip and I watch "The Social Network" the other night.  Pretty interesting movie. 

What struck me was the Ecclesiastes vibe that ran through the whole thing.

Here is a guy (Mark Zuckerberg) who is brilliant and creative.  Who worked hard to create Facebook.  And made a boatload of dough doing it.

And how useless it all is.

Has FB contributed to our prayerfulness?  Brought people to Christ?  Fed the hungry?  Healed the sick?  Clothed the naked?  Placed the orphan in a family?


Now, I do use FB.  I enjoy catching up with friends and talking, even virtually, with folks who don't wet their pants.

But I hope my life matters for more than that.  That it is more than a striving after the wind.  Because in the end, this world is just a breath.  And Mark Zuckerberg's billions and my more modest thousands and the poor man's pennies will all be gone.  And all that will remain is what we have done for and through Christ.