Wednesday, July 18, 2007

A Beautiful Heart

Sometimes my kids just amaze me. Nathaniel is growing to be such a wise little boy. Recently we had this conversation:

Nate: "Mommy, what does n*&&#$ mean?"
Me: "Nate, where did you hear that word?"
Nate: "On TV. What does that mean?"
Me: "Well, that is a word that some people use. We do NOT use that word in our house. Some people are not very smart and they think that they are better than other people just because of the color God made their skin. That is a very ugly word they use to talk about people who are different from them. It hurts people's feelings to hear that word."
Nate: "Mommy, that is really stupid. Don't those people know that God looks at our hearts and what we do to see if we are good? I think the world would be a better place if we could all look at each other with God's eyeballs."

Wouldn't the world be better if we could all see each other with His eyes?


Erin said...

That is darling! :)

The Barefoot Moms said...

Wow! He's got such a sweet heart.