Wednesday, April 09, 2008

Well, move your arm, stupid!

So last night Abby came into my room sobbing after I'd put the kids to bed. After calming her down I asked what her problem was. "Nate bit me!" she wailed. Suspecting something was up (since it would be difficult for him to bite her if they were all in bed like they were supposed to be), I asked her what she was doing when he bit her. "Laying on him with my arm on his face!" she explained. Oy vey! Well, move your arm! Stop laying on him! Get in bed! After reiterating the instructions to stay in bed and kissing her boo boo, I went to talk about this with my husband. We laughed at her silliness, but I was struck by something.

This is how we act as adults too. We get the natural consequences for a behavior and we act surprised. We blame God for our own stupidity. We have financial difficulties because we are undisciplined and we cry that God isn't providing. We drive like idiots and then blame God when we get in a wreck. We eat junk food and watch TV all day and blame God when we get sick. We spend more time on the Internet than we do raising our children and then act surprised when our kids reflect the world's values instead of our own.

Maybe, like little Abigail, we should move our arms. Stop doing stupid things and we won't have to suffer the consequences. It's not God's fault when we set ourselves up.


Janet said...

Wow....great thoughts!