Wednesday, July 09, 2008

Deep thoughts from Nate

Nathaniel and I were talking last night and he was very upset. He said that he was mad at God because God isn't fair. I asked what he meant and he replied that he didn't think God was fair to the devil. He wanted to know why the devil could not repent. He thought if God was fair He would give the devil a chance to say he was sorry and be forgiven. I pondered this for a moment and realized that Nate was giving me a great jumping off point for discussing the devil's schemes.

I explained that the devil knew God personally in all His glory and still chose to rebel, so the chances of him being sorry and even wanting to repent are slim to none. But that aside, the gift of repentence is huge. We are blessed with the ability to come to God and have Him forgive us and wash us clean. We can have our slate wiped and start again with renewed fellowship. But the devil can't. No wonder he is out to steal, kill and destroy. He can never undo or make right the trespasses he has committed. So he tries to take as many of us down with him as he can.

Today, I am going to give thanks again for the marvelous privilege of repentance and reconciliation. We serve a good God.


Anna C said...

Wow Tamara,what a great reminder of that gift of repentance. I think I take it for granted because I use it ALL the time! Thanks for sharing.