Friday, August 01, 2008

Seriously messed up

We are very blessed to have many friends with children older than ours. Probably at least once every 6 wks or so a friend will drop off a big bag of hand me down clothes for the kiddos. Anna and Abby squeal with delight and immediately start pawing through the piles of clothes and shoes as if it were Christmas morning. Most of the time we get really rocking awesome stuff and I am so grateful that God provides for us. Then, sometimes, we just get odd stuff.

Case in point. The panties.

Let's set aside the squeamishness at used undies and just move on to the wording on this particular pair. "This is what a Diva looks like (Insert tiarra)" First off, I believe the word is actually "tiara". Secondly, insert tiara where?

Needless to say, these are going into the trash can.


Anonymous said...


While growing up I often had hand-me-downs. I too remember how exciting it was to sort through the bags. :o} Thanks for the fun memory.
Found your blog and wanted to say hello-- also a homeschool mom.

Unknown said...

LOL! Insert tiara where, indeed! I'm so glad I added your blog to my reader. I love your posts! Stop in and say hi on the toddler thread some time! ;)

Kimberly Geswein said...

ROFL that is so gross and wrong!!

Jean said...

no no no...cannot share the panties. Maybe I impressed that upon you girls. Not even going to comment on the logo....wowsers.

Hope you all are enjoying your trip.


Manda said...

yikes!! rofl at your post!