Monday, September 22, 2008

Our adobe dwelling and zoo trip

Last week we concluded our Native American study by building a Hopi pueblo.

We also went to the zoo and took pictures of animals found in America. Nate was so bummed that most of the "cool" animals were from Africa and Asia. The kids really wanted to feed the birds, so I gave in and bought the little sticks with birdseed. Guess who was the only one who liked the birds? Gabriel.

The girls loved riding on the horses though.

This week are beginning our study of Exploration and Colonization. Fun!

PS: I know y'all are jealous and wish you had tie dyed a tshirt to match ours. We made two sets (one "brights" and one "camo") to wear when we go out - makes it easier for me to see everyone.


Manda said...

I love the tie dyed shirt idea. If we are blessed with a brood as large as yours, I have been thinking of dressing everyone in matching lime green tee shirts for public outings. Maybe I'll have my dad screenprint something cool on them, too. :)