Thursday, April 30, 2009

Cowboy roundup meal and tie dye shirts, part one

So here are the Ocean tie dyed shirts. After washing, I remembered that last year's shirts were much brighter when we left them overnight. Oh well. I do like the colors though. The kids would NOT sit still for a picture, so here we are:

Then we had our Cowboy Round Up meal. It was nasty muddy outside, so we ate at the table instead of our fake campfire in the backyard. We talked about cowboy clothing and why the cowboys wore bandanas. I gave them a hint, "It's something that bothered you at t-ball practice the other night." (I was looking for "mosquitos" or "bugs"). Abby starts frantically frantically waving her hand, "I know, their tags were itchy!!!!" What??

Baked Beans
BBQ Brisket

The kids liked their meal and afterwards we took them for a walk around the neighborhood with their ponies. Daddy showed them how to poke an ant hill with their stick ponies. You know, 'cause that's a life skill.

Daddy was a good sport too:

We'll wear the Fire t's tomorrow.


Heather said...

I love the baby doll in a sling! :)

Megan said...

What cute pictures of your family! I love the baby doll in the sling... too cute! Did you help her?

It's great that Philip was such a good sport, even if he did teach them how to destroy ant hills. You're right, that is such a valuable life skill. :)

Did you also don a hat and vest?

dailyhalfdozen said...

That's awesome! I love Daddy in his vest too. God has blessed us with such beautiful families.

I meant to tell you. I've been meaning to tie dye some shirts, but my plan is to do them all similar but let each kid's shirt have more of their color on it.

Jean said...

Looks like they had fun.....cannot wait to see you in a couple of weeks.