Monday, December 25, 2006

Christmas mourning

What a horrible day at work.

I arrived at the ER this morning just in time to hear the overhead page for a "CPR in progress" call to be hitting our doors in 2 minutes. A 44 yr old man had been eating with his family and died suddenly. For the next hour and a half I sat with his family as they cried in shock and grief at this unexpected Christmas morning. My heart just broke for them.

As I was praying silently for them the Lord brought to my rememberence the whole meaning of Christmas. Emmanuel, God made flesh. The infinite God became a finite man so that death would not be the end. So that we could live with Him forever. So that some distant day, this family's Christmas mourning would be turned into dancing.

What a wonderful gift we have in our Savior, and what a wonderful future we have in Him.