Sunday, December 24, 2006

Fluffy bums!

Hard to believe that we've been a cloth diapering family for almost 2 yrs. When my wacky sister, Kimberly, started cloth diapering her firstborn (the adorable Libby) we all turned up our noses at her. Cloth diapers went out with wood sided station wagons, right? And then I tried one. And I was hooked. The new diapers are so swell. No stiff plastic pants or ginormous cloth diapered bubble butt. The new diapers have a layer of PUL, a magic fabric that contains wet messiness, but is as soft as regular cloth. Most either snap or velcro at the waist. My sweet dh installed a minishower on the toilet (similar to the sprayer on your sink) and we simply spray any poopies into the potty. A Rubbermaid tub (with a tight sealing lid) in the laundry room solves any stinky issues and they are super simple to clean. Some friends of mine have expressed disgust at the thought of poop and pee in the washing machine, but honestly, if you have a baby, any time you wash their clothes there is poop and pee in the washer.

We started with Fuzzibunz, simple pocket diapers. An outer layer of PUL is matched to an inner layer of moisture wicking microfleece (to keep baby's bum feeling dry). Elastic gussets at the leg hug baby's thighs and snaps make fastening the waist a cinch (no pins!). At the back of the diaper is a small opening between the layers in which you insert, well, an insert (a microfiber or hemp pad for absorbing pee). This makes the pocket diaper system very versatile, as you can add an extra insert if you are heading out on the town or going down for the night.

We loved Fuzzibunz, but I wanted to try all the new stuff when Luke was born (wool, prefolds, Snappis, fitteds, AIO's - the variety is mind boggling). And after trying it all, we came back to Fuzzibunz. So easy, and very daddy and babysitter friendly.

But now, we've switched again. I found a couple of All In Ones (meaning a diaper that has no pocket, the absorbant pad is sewn in) that I adore and can hold up to our heavy pee-ers. So we've switched our stash to all Magic-Alls and Blessed Bottomz. Oh, and Snap EZ Nap EZ stuffable trainers for our older bedwetters (since Pullups are freaky expensive).

And I'm in stash nirvana. I am trying to limit myself from going to some of my favorite cloth diaper sites. I am satisfied with the diapers I have and really don't need any more. Going to just stirs up lusts I don't need to have.

Lusts? For diapers? Yup. As moms we can easily fall into the trap of coveting for our children's sake. But it is still coveting. My children's diapering needs are covered. So going to oogle at cloth diapers is stirring up a lust in me for something I do not need. God has supplied my needs and those of my children and I should rejoice and give Him thanks for this.