Monday, February 05, 2007

My little evangelist

Earlier I recounted hearing Nate try to lead Anna to the Lord, but I gave a shortened version. I was really impressed with his soul-winning little spirit. He had obviously thought about it and was genuinely concerned for his sister's spiritual health.

Nate got my "salvation" bracelet from my jewelry box and carefully explained to Anna what each color stood for. He then told her about how Jesus lived in his heart and was his friend. He said that Jesus would never leave her and when she died she would live with Him in Heaven. He then dropped the big question, "Anna, do you want to have Jesus in your heart right now?"

Anna cocked her head and replied, "Meow! I'm a pink kitty."

Nate exclaimed, "Ugh, girls!"

Later, we had a talk about it. He told me it was okay that Anna didn't want Jesus right now, he'd just talk to her again when she was bigger. He said, "Did you know, Mama, that the people didn't listen all the time to Jesus? And He is real God and everything!"

Not bad theology for a six year old. I pray that he never loses his passion for souls and remains the soft-hearted sweet boy that he is.