Monday, February 05, 2007

Selfish, selfish parents

Recently a friend sent an article to me from MSNBC about breastfeeding ( Being stupid, I looked at some of the comments people had to make about women who nurse in public. I was appalled. Many folks were up in arms over the idea of a child EATING in public. I mean, how dare an infant enjoy the rights of all other human beings? To eat! With others present! How foul! Many comments were rude and compared nursing mothers to pooping daddies, suggesting that both should do their business in the bathroom. While some of the breastfeeding squeamishness can be attributed to the adolescent views of breasts that some people are cursed with, I believe that the heart of the issue is the deep-rooted selfishness of our society.

We have come to the point in our culture where the needs and wants of adults always outweigh the needs of children. Babies shouldn't have breastmilk in public lest some adult be offended. Parents shouldn't stay married just for the sake of the kids. Moms shouldn't stay home and mother their children because they might feel "unfulfilled". Parents should pawn their children off on babysitters and let them watch television all day so they can "do their own thing".

It's sad. And until we, as a nation, start recognizing that it is healthy and normal to sacrifice for your children we will continue to decline. We must realize that our children and grandchildren are worth the momentary sacrifices and do what it takes to put them first.


Anonymous said...

You say it so well, Tamara. I just can't get over how nobody protests all the half-dressed women on billboards and magazine covers not to mention TV and movies, but gets soooo upset over a breastfeeding mom!

Erin said...

It drives me crazy! I am lucky no one ever made me feel uncomfortable for nursing. I nursed on a flight and the stewards were like, "Oh that's so good, it really helps their ears from popping" But I can imagine how terrible you'd feel.

And April makes a great point! I see so much more skin on these half dressed women everywhere, but if I tried to act offended people would say I was violating thier rights. (Apparently their right to be half naked is more important than my baby's right to eat?)

Candy said...

Tamara, You are absolutely right.. it makes no sense