Wednesday, December 01, 2010

If you don't have anything to say.....

Abigail is a real chatty Cathy.  Last night she was lying on the bed next to me running her mouth nonstop.  All sorts of randomness.  Suddenly she stopped and looked at my quizzically.  "Mama," she said, "I just love to talk.  Sometimes I don't have anything to say.  But I really just love talking."

After laughing my head off (which irritated the crap out of her - she is very sensitive to anyone laughing *at* her), I had a talk with her.  About how even though I love to hear her voice, especially when she sings, I also enjoy quiet.  And when  we are constantly running our lips we cannot hear what others are saying.

Even God.

Because sometimes I am so busy rattling off my laundry list (why it is called a laundry list anyway?  Who actually has a laundry list?) of prayer requests that I don't shut my pie hole and just listen to God.  I love to talk so I miss out on real conversation.  And I wonder why I walk away and I'm not changed.

Maybe I need a dose of my own "shut up for a second" medicine.


Megan said...

Perhaps it's an Abigail thing.... our Abby has told me the same thing, almost verbatim! I swear she never shuts up! :) And I've also had the same talk with her... maybe they're twins. :)

And for the record, I also need a healthy dose of my own "shut up and listen" medicine from time to time. Perhaps right now would be a good time.

Jean said...

Abby is honest.... love you all and your comments are true for all of us, Tamara.

Patricia Townsend said...

So totally a message we all need to hear. It's awesome how in the simple honesty of a child can come such a reminder... I guess God gave us two ears and one mouth for a reason.... so that we'd listen twice as much as we speak. ;)