Tuesday, November 09, 2010

On the lighter side - guess who's two months old?

Miss Leah Claire!

Sometimes I am just amazed. I sooooo don't deserve a baby this sweet. God is amazing - His plans for us are so much bigger and better than we could ever imagine.

As far as my other goals this week? Well, I DID get out of bed with the alarm this morning. But as I was shaving my legs the power went out. Just came back on a little while ago. So we adjourned to the backyard most of the day and enjoyed the sunshine. 68 degrees! Woot!

I will do my quiet time tonight, but first dh and I have a hot date to go get a new dishwasher. Because ours has turned into a dishdirtier. And that's not good.


Flo said...

oooo.... she is toooooooo sweet!!!

Heather said...

Look how big she's getting!! So precious! Enjoy your hot date. Sounds similar to ours :D