Tuesday, April 05, 2011

I'm raising weirdos.

So, I'm pretty sure I'm raising weirdos. 

No, not that kind.  But I notice that my kids don't seem the same as the public and private schooled kids I know.  I read this article yesterday and felt a bit better.

 Because I don't want to raise "normal" kids.

I don't want to raise kids who tow the line and do what's expected and fit in perfectly.  I don't want to raise kids who conform to the world's mold.

I want to raise world-shakers and soul-winners.

Sure, I want my children to be polite, well-behaved and able to get along with others.  I want them to be hard workers and hope any employer feels like they are getting a really great deal when they hire my child.  I pray that their spouses and friends feel enriched by knowing my kids.  And I pray they are a blessing to their churches and communities.

But I do not worry about their socialization in the way most folks mean it.   I do not want my kids to be conditioned to accept things on blind faith because a teacher said it or "that's the way we've always done it."  I don't want my kids to ignore their consciences in order to blend in.

I don't want my kids getting lessons on how to be a better sheep.  I want them to retain their wild creativity and sincere questioning.  I want them to engage ideas instead of regurgitating facts.  I want them to learn how to learn instead of just memorizing data.

Because honestly, if I'm not desiring a different product than the public schools churn out, I'm putting in a hell of a lot of work for nothing!   And I'm way too lazy for that.


Astrid said...

Where's the 'like' button?! ;-)

Anonymous said...

Well said! And I've noticed the same thing with my kids...and I'm proud of it!

wordstolivebymommy said...

I love this :) Your kids are AWESOME little weirdo's :0

Anna C said...

Very interesting article. I was homeschooled, private and public schooled and benefited from all three because they were the right thing for me at the time I went there. I'm praying about what God will have us do for our kids, but whichever way they are schooled, I want them to be different, just as you very eloquently described.
PS- I like your new blog design. I don't know if it's actually new, since I usually read it in my reader, but it's nice!