Thursday, April 07, 2011

just an FYI

I don't hate the public schools.


I know I am often quite vocal in my appreciation for the privilege of teaching my kids at home.  And I do feel that the public school down the street was not a good fit for my oldest son.

But there are a lot of really great schoolteachers and workers out there.  And I'm not just saying that because I'm sleeping with one.  (Shhhh!)

I'm married to a teacher.  My mom is a teacher.  My step-mom is a teacher.  And I know many, many more.  There are many students who are learning fantastic things from amazing teachers.  I cannot say this enough.  It breaks my heart to hear homeschool moms bashing the public schools.  Do we realize how hurtful it is when we malign all public schools in our small groups or churches, right in front of our Christian sister or brother who teaches in a public school?

(My problem is with the whole education model.  I don't like a system that only values the kids with academic brilliance.  I don't like a system that teaches kids that there are no absolutes, that all values are equal.  And I don't like a system the causes children to value their peers' opinions more than their parents'.)

I am a product of the public school system and I am grateful for the education I received (especially in Mrs. Trusty's AP English class!)  I know there are many teachers who are working within the system and making a positive impact on kids.  And I thank them from the bottom of my heart.

I think as homeschoolers we must be careful not to engender animosity that is not necessary or helpful.  Our enemy is not the public school system, nor the teachers within it.  Our enemy is the enemy of souls, who delights in causing Christians to turn on one another instead of fighting him. 


Heather said...

Well said. I would go even farther to say that the system caters to the middle. We've had trouble keeping our kids challenged enough to keep learning. I agree that there are great teachers (we've had some!), but the system is broken. Complaining and pointing fingers doesn't fix it though. Wish more people had your perspective. :)