Monday, October 06, 2008

Abby's stitches

Last month Abigail had the opportunity to check out our fine emergency room. She was jumping on her bed and fell, hitting the window sill and gashing her head. She got 6 fancy stitches placed on her forhead and we were home in under an hour (including a trip to QT for Slurpees).

I asked her a few days ago what she had learned from the whole experience. Her brow furrowed thoughtfully and she replied, "I learned to not jump on my bed. I should jump on Nate's bed. His is not by the window."

That, my friends, is why my hair falls out.


Lorie said...

Oh, that is hilarious! Don't ya love the way kids think?!

Jean said...

You bring out some great points Tamara. We are very blessed with many freedoms, but we don't always excercise those freedoms or the associated responsibilities very well.
Glad you are home and hope each day brings you closer to full recovery.

Much love and hugs

Anonymous said...

Only ONE hour? That's amazing! I'm glad she's okay. Now would be a good time to review that old song about the monkeys jumping on THE BED(noting the emphasis here), but then again my kids liked acting that one out. Take care!