Saturday, October 11, 2008

Is puberty just around the corner?

A few weeks ago Nate came to me and said he needed to talk privately. He wanted me to pick up some hair gel for him at the store, so he could spike it up in the front (good luck, since he has my brother Logan's wirey curls) and "look handsome for the girls in my class."

Then today, at the pumpkin patch (which was a special piece o' heck to be discussed later), we rode on the hay wagon. He was sitting next to me, looking around. I asked if he was sleepy. He said no, he was looking for pretty girls. I said, "I thought you were going to marry Summer." (my friend Amy's little girl, we've joked about their betrothal since they were a year old).

"Oh, Mom," he replies, "Summer's not my girlfriend. I don't have a girlfried yet. But I'm looking."

Ack! I did not realize this would be happening at eight!


Lorie said...

Oh, my goodness. My son is 10 and we haven't heard that yet...THANK GOD!!! Good luck with that one! :o)

Charley Burright said...

Hahaha! Good boy! He reminds me of my son who's been acting like a man, even when he was only nine. He already uses my gel and my ties, and he even pretends that he has a beard. Does puberty start at nine? 'Coz I've already noticed some changes on him, especially with his teeth. Or maybe he's been eating excessive sweets lately. Anyway, good luck with our sons!