Monday, October 06, 2008


Today we began our Colonization study. When the littles were napping, Nate, Susannah and I began reading a book about two Pilgrim children moving to the New World. (I highly recommend the Sisters In Time series - both of my older kids love them). We discussed the prohibitions on religious expression under King James and how this type of religious persecution still persists today in some areas of the world.

As I snuggled my children on the couch, free to read to them and teach them about God, I started to cry. Do we realize how truly blessed we are? How many people in the world TODAY would literally die for the freedom to worship and and raise their children in faith? We are so foolish to take this for granted. I have a friend who talks about how Christians in America are persecuted. While I'm sure there are isolated cases of pressure against public expression of faith, for the most part we enjoy amazing freedom. How many in China, India, Indonesia, the Middle East, North Africa and Vietnam would rejoice to suffer the silly "persecutions" of America? Daily, there are Christians martyred for their faith, and we fuss about something as silly as wearing a Christian Tshirt or praying at a graduation.

I was grateful today that my children can read the Bible in their own language. That I am allowed to teach them the Apostle's Creed and help them memorize Scripture. That we can sing songs about our Father and not worry about being overheard and reported to the police. May God give us the wisdom to take full advantage of our freedoms to raise up a generation of children who will take the Good News to those who cannot and have not heard.


Lorie said...

Oh, girl...I'm right there with you! I'm thankful that I can send my son to a Christian school and not worry about what might happen there. I'm thankful that we can chat online about this without the worry of persecution. We are very blessed!